FX Plus Folding Machine

Cidan FX Plus Folding Machine

Automatic Programmable Bending Centre


Automatic Sheet Thickness Setting

CIDAN FX PLUS folding machine is strong, exact and almost impossible to wear out. With welded sides, clamping beam with eccentric drive and extra strong lower beam, this machine is optimized for the highest productivity levels, low maintenance costs and problem-free running, year in and year out. The ProLink control system for FX makes programming easy, intuitive and fast. You have exact control, better overview, easier program storage and faster operating. On the panel you control not only the machine’s operations but also sheet thickness settings and adjustment of bending centre. This means you can always achieve perfect radius and an almost unique precision for angles and measurements.

  • Control System ProLink W, with 15″ touch screen and graphical programming
  • Automatic programmable bending center
  • Automatic programmable sheet thickness settings via the control system
  • Combi upper beam with divided straight rail 30°

Model Working length Folding capacity Opening height Outer dimensions Weight Motor
mm Steel mm Stainless steel mm Aluminium mm Clamping beam mm Length x Width x Height mm kg Clamping beam kW Folding beam kW
FX PLUS 25 2600 2.5 1.6 3.7 150 3645 x 2040 x 1970 3400 1.5 1.5
FX PLUS 30 3200 2.0 1.2 3.0 150 4195 x 2040 x 1970 3750 1.5 1.5
FX PLUS 40 4100 2.0 1.2 3.0 150 5145 x 2040 x 1970 4820 1.5 2.2