FX Series Folding Machine

Cidan FX Plus Folding Machine

Quick change tooling and adjustable crowning.


Combi Beam for straight and sectional folding


Prolink Control System.

CIDAN FX is a phenomenal combination of raw strength and flexibility. With powerful motors that fold with fantastic precision and to exact measurements this machine can do a lot more than just bend. With high box tooling, now 125 mm, you have greater freedom and can bend the most advanced and complex details. With the Combi beam, rotating from straight rail to segmented tools takes only 6.3 seconds. Together with the ProLink W control system and frequency control of the machine’s movements you have everything you need for contract manufacturing with high quality and productivity. CIDAN FX is a true workhorse with a whole lot of benefits.

  • Crowning adjustment as standard always gives the perfect folding result
  • Two folding beam rails with width 7/10 mm and 20 mm as standard
  • Fast, reliable, and user-friendly
  • Choose between two control systems, EasyLink or ProLink W, both with plenty of features
  • Multiple backgauge stops for both small and large parts across the bending length of the machine
Model Working length Folding capacity Opening height Outer dimensions Weight Motor
mm Steel mm Stainless steel mm Aluminium mm Clamping beam mm Length x Width x Height mm kg Clamping beam kW Folding beam kW
FX25 2600 2.5 1.6 3.7 150 3645 x 2040 x 1970 3400 1.5 1.5
FX30 3200 2.0 1.2 3.0 150 4195 x 2040 x 1970 3750 1.5 1.5
FX40 4100 2.0 1.2 3.0 150 5145 x 2040 x 1970 4820 1.5 2.2