Double Folder TD 125/150/200/300

The TD range of Thalmann double folding machines can fold sheetmetal from 1.25mm – 3mm in machine lengths from 3.2m – 12.0m.

The unique torsion shaft technology distributes the power to all machine stands evenly, in a similar way to an AWD car.
Combined with the rotary encoders, the TD range can produce perfectly parallel products over the length of the machine with a tolerance of +/-0.5° and +/-0.1mm on angles.

The ability to accurately fold parts both up and down, reduces the need for part manipulation by operators, resulting in efficiency increases of more than 50%, aswell as a much safer working environment.

With a number of available features including tapering, 3 x gripper options, suction cups, and even a self loading feature – the TD range of Thalmann folders is your go to production folding machine.

See the THALMANN TD Double Folder in action

Forming a Trident Wall Panel

Forming a Tapered Facade Panel

Bending length: 3.2m, 4.2m, 6.4m, 8.2m, 10m & 12m
Folding capacity: 1.25mm – 3.00mm (Steel)
Dynamic crowning: Yes
Achievable folding ratio: 1:2 (with curved clamping beam)
Maximum bending angle: 142°
Bending speed: 142° return fold in under 3.4secs
Slitter: Yes – floor mounted in 1.25 / 2 / 3mm
Tapering: Yes
Backgauge range: 5mm – 1250mm
Gripper Options: 3 x available
Sheetloading Table: Yes
Safety: Dual lasers and light curtains as standard
Hydraulics Whisper quiet (62db)
Networked: Yes, including factory service connection