Single Folder TZ 125/150/200/300

The TZ range of Thalmann folding machines can fold sheetmetal from 1.25mm – 3mm in machine lengths from 3.2m – 12.0m.

This precision long folder has a vertical force drive system and rigid C-Frames which distributes the force over the clamping and folding beams.

This translates to perfect clamping of parts, and maximum pressure distribution when hemming without overloading the machine stands.

The unique torsion shaft technology distributes the power to all machine stands evenly, in a similar way to an AWD car.

Combined with the rotary encoders, the TZ range can produce perfectly parallel products over the length of the machine with a tolerance of +/-0.5° and +/-0.1mm on angles.

Bending length: 3.2m, 4.2m, 6.4m, 8.2m, 10m & 12m
Folding capacity: 1.25mm – 3.00mm (Steel)
Dynamic crowning: Yes
Achievable folding ratio: 1:2 (with curved clamping beam)
Maximum bending angle: 142°
Bending speed: 142° return fold in under 3.4secs
Slitter: Yes – floor mounted in 1.25 / 2 / 3mm
Tapering: Yes
Backgauge range: 5mm – 1250mm
Safety: Dual lasers as standard
Hydraulics Whisper quiet (50db)
Networked: Yes, including factory service connection